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Life Master Training

Lifeism® Professionals – learn to teach

An introduction to Lifeism and its inherent benefits and teaching possibilities. This 1 hour meet & greet session supplys information about our teaching opportunities.

Life Masters do not have some magical power over life, or have full command of even  themselves, as we are all adrift within existence. They are individuals that understand the human condition, the conditions around them and have the ability to know themselves, as an individual to meet their needs, wants and can teach others to achieve this. Life Masters can teach Lifeism® as they are verified and affiliated to the Institute of Life.

Lifeism Master Training

This is a comprehensive training programme providing the means to operate as a Life Master. This is course a one week full-time course (10 x 3hr sessions) including lunch and refreshments.

It can be offered as a 2 short weekend, or similar formats on request.

Note: (this course is only open to currently practising professionals from the fields of psychology, counselling, therapy, life coaching or a medical background, due to the duty of care and competence required to offer the lifeism courses).













Lifeism® Courses

All Welcome – learn to live

An introduction and assessment for the curious. This 1 hr session supplies all you need to know about improving your human capacity – producing a truly confident and capable you. This 1 hour meet & greet session explains the opportunities and benefits of learning about the way of life on one of our Lifeism® courses. The following 3 courses have the same content, but are at different intensities.

1 – Life Time

A leisurely and gentle change taking full stock of the wonder of a new way of looking at you life. The 13 x 1 hour course eases you into the new you, improving your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions.

Health, wealth and relationships will all fall into place.

2 – Life Re-engineered

A ‘full on’ rapid transformation course delights in the journey from here to there. This 4 x 3.25 hour session course, empowers you with the aptitude required to be everything you want to be.

3 – Life Mind-bender

A total blast of a trip with it all being possible in one day. This 13 hour straight course will blow your mind and leaving you with an instant re-invigoration. Only for the confident, or fool hardy!!                                               

Life-force (after initial course)

This open-ended, right of passage, provides continuous support until you are the best you, you can be. You will have your purpose, passion and everything will be in complete harmony; unity, choice and satisfaction. The greatest gift we can give, is providing the means for you to live your way.