Why do the test?

We help people achieve what they are looking for, by bringing people back to their senses, meaning and purpose – a natural route to well-being.

If you want a good life and obtain all the things you want, you need to focus on getting the right training to self-develop. This will allow you to have the capacity to evolve, providing the opportunity of new choices and better decisions, which gets you the lifestyle you want.

Because Satisfaction is not achieved through psychology, endlessly delving over what went wrong in your childhood, reflecting on self.

Nor is it possible by thinking positively, convincing yourself that in some way by building confidence through self-motivation, it will solve everything.

It is also not achieved through life coaching, setting short term personal goals to meet your day to day concerns, trying to live through these targets.

True satisfaction, only comes from a real understanding of life itself, how situations and circumstances shape your Mindstate and how a better mind can provide you with a better life.

Ed Calyan, 2013
Founder of the Institute of Life.

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