This is a comprehensive training programme providing the means to operate as a Mindstate Trainer. This is course a one week full-time course (10 x 3hr sessions). It can also be offered as a 2 short weekend, or similar formats on request.

As part of your existing practice, your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the holistic commitment towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout your career. This enables learning to be conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. This often involves directly related, or associated training which compliments core knowledge.

When it comes to tax legislation in general, costs become allowable when the expense is “wholly and exclusively” for business purposes. It also has to be completely “necessary” for business operations. When assessing if training and CPD are allowable for tax, the same rules apply. Travel and other costs such as subsistence and accommodation are also allowable for tax relief, provided the course or training event is allowable in the first place.

Generally gaining completely new knowledge (e.g. retraining as an electrician) is disallowable for tax if paid for by an individual who is self-employed, as this is deemed to be capital in nature. However, if the training is paid for by a company of which the individual is an employee or office holder (e.g. a director) then the costs may be deductible by that employer, if the cost is necessary for the purpose of the business.

This training course in most cases will be tax deductible, however you will have to consider this and take the appropriate advice where necessary.

Note: This course is only open to currently practicing professionals from the fields of psychology, counselling, therapy, life coaching, medical background or training, displaying the duty of care and competence required to offer our training courses. Or Mindstate trainees qualified with Cert. L.D., that now wish to train through the Institute to be a Mindstate Trainer.

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