To recognise the diversity of peoples life’s, we have created different courses to meet peoples busy schedules. Our standard and most popular training programme is the first, called Life Time. This suits most people, as it gives ample time to do the necessary reading within the training. The other courses are just more concentrated versions of the same content within a shorter time-frame.

The following 3 courses have the same content, but are at different intensities.

  • Life Time - Is a leisurely and gentle training towards a new way of looking at your life. The 13 x 1 hour course improves your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions, leading to health, wealth and relationships will all fall into place.
  • Life Re-engineered - Is ‘full on’ rapid training. This 4 x 3.25 hour session course, empowers you with the aptitude required to be everything you want to be.
  • Life Mind-bender - Is a total blast of a trip with it all being possible to train for lifestyle design in one day. This 13 hour straight course will blow your mind and leave you with an intense re-invigoration. Only for the confident, or fool hardy!!

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