The Institute is founded on the works of Ed Calyan – an Elemental, a natural philosopher & environmental psychologist, who provides the Institute’s route to source knowledge. He is the author of – How to have a Happy Life – The Human Manual a publication that has been widely recognised as a source of life wisdom - as opposed to man-made explanations of life. A natural route to Oneness.

The human manual within the Institute is a definitive guide to the human condition, it is now possible to understand your purpose and function, by first understanding the meaning of life itself. The day to day decisions which we all make, are crucial to the conditions in which we live and therefore the way of life we experience. So changing thinking, changes lives and helps people to achieve what they are looking for.

In the very earliest days of the Institute, it became very clear that a few life coaching goals are useful, but actually, people want so much more. People really need life philosophy, where they can experience appropriate personal development through a real connection to life itself – to truly achieve self-realisation and design a lifestyle which suits them. Mindstate training is all about developing the capacity to manage circumstances, reducing the degree to which external conditions are responsible for how you feel.

So our moto is “Vita Amino Vi” – the power of the life of the mind, or in short “Vita Vi” – Lifeforce.

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