A Mindstate is an individual's mental conditioning with associated levels of Agency. Where agency is an individual's capacity to act in a given environment. Everyone has their own unique way of thinking, so how your Mindstate is managed, or designed is crucial to a persons' life chances, opportunities and successes, because it makes them who they are and what they can achieve in life.

Mindstate Training is a major step forward for people wishing to take control of their life. With this knowledge the Institute has been offering the opportunity to get life focused training and advice at our Life Centre’s in Greater London regional at Richmond upon Thames and Twickenham. Our Mindstate training curricula focusses on helping you understand life, so that you can “Live a Life beyond belief” (Calyan, 2013). Other regional centres are being developed, so click here to find out more about what's in your area.

Designing your lifestyle requires you to completely understand the human condition and the world around you, Lifeism is the only mechanism capable of achieving this. It prepares people to be able to understand life, its fundamental effect on your state of mind and your Mindstate is the principal factor driving your life success.

Changing your Mindstate moves you up the Maslow and Calyan hierarchies as displayed below

Maslow and Calyan hierarchies

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