Lifeism is the fundamental philosophical belief in life itself, rather than any manmade attempts at explaining life. This encompasses the entire range of all ideologies which relate to life and the interaction between them, culminating in an understanding of everything living and the nature of the human condition within life. The true way of Life, made by nature.

The Institute considers that life is at the core of knowledge; of society or the individual. Knowing life, called Lifeism, is the essential awareness that underpins personal progress.

The Institute seeks to lead training, debate, dissemination and promotion of Lifeism. We promote an evidence-based approach to decision and policy making and are devoted to championing the crucial role Lifeism has to play.

We seek to identify an inspirational vision for the profession as a whole and the strategic direction to implement this.

The Institute is the affiliate body which administers and verifies Lifeism.

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