Time is of the essence

Is there ever a good time? Or is it always a right time? 

To enrol now, means that you are taking the first step to solving your problems, or maximising your potential.

  • There are training and courses taking place right now.
  • Mindstate Design Training takes place weekly at our Lifeism training centres and by appointment throughout the UK.
  • From booking to completion could be as short as one month to start.
  • As a member you could be set up as a Mindstate Designer within 3 months.
  • As a business this is a great opportunity to add Mindstate Design to you practise, or as an individual this could be the start a completely new life.
  • Do it today and have a better tomorrow.








Save 30 years of searching   

Lifeism took 35 years of experience and research to be developed, but incorporating this into Mindstate Design , upgrades your life opportunities after just 13 weeks to study.

It is your best chance for a better life,

The best life for you now and into the future.

Why would you not want that?

Being in the Moment

Why Mindstate Design? Well the closer you can be to understanding life completely and as it happens, the closer you are to being able to make life changing decisions with wisdom. Therefore the more you understand life, the more you can enjoy it. To have the capacity to act – in a way that suit being you.


Choose Mindstate Design, Choose Lifeism®

All Mindstate Designers are Lifeists, whether Trainers or Trainees. They have chosen to remove the barriers to knowledge – a true sense of life and therefore are more likely to get the best from life.


Mindstate Designers – have chosen to undertake training and promote lifeism, because to have a happy life, you have to understand life.


Life adaptation and strategy 

They say that the only things in life that are certain, are death and taxes, but death is outside life and taxes do change wildly. Mindstate Design recognises that really the only certain thing is uncertainty and being comfortable with this, gives you the strength to be the real you.