Why does Mindstate Design use Lifeism®

Because Lifeism is the fundamental philosophical belief in life itself

This encompasses the entire range of all ideologies which relate to life and the interaction between them, culminating in an understanding of everything living and the nature of the human condition within life. The true way to Life. And as designing your lifestyle requires you to completely understand the human condition and the world around you, Lifeism is the only mechanism capable of achieving this.

It is an absolute matter of fact, that you can only move-up Maslow’s hierarchy of need (what you want & can achieve), by moving-up Calyan’s hierarchy of competence, (improving your state of mind).

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Hierarchy of Life Need (Maslow, 1943)



  • Who you are
  • Where you are
  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Purpose
  • Possibilities
  • Probabilities
  • Your Niche in Life
  • How to Live longer & prosper





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Calyan’s Hierarchy of Life Competence (Calyan, 2016)

Mindstate Designing – Back to basics

Captivating potential brings the ability to win.

In modern society people need to be better and better at what they do. Mindstate Design works from the simple premise that to be the best you, you can be, then you have to think the best. An Lifeism is an environmental psychology that facilitates success and avoids disappointment.

Lifeism Provides – A knowledge of Life, the product of Life and the Life-force; so potential Mindstate Designers and trainees, students of life and life-long learners, can know the source of understanding bring humans closer to the world around them.

Lifeists– are people who enjoys life, being at their most productive when they are most engaged in life.


Lifeism is the mechanism that delivers MSM – Mind State Management. As you progress the Calyan hierarchy, you achieve ascendance of Maslow’s life needs. Making progress towards a better life, as you become increasingly prepared for life.

Because we all have a state of mind, how well we manage it, determines how well we live. Understanding Lifeism is therefore “the way to life”. (Calyan, 2014)

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