The Institute of Life was established in 2014 to offer training courses for Lifestyle Trainers and Trainees using Lifeism® for professional courses and for members of the general public. The Institute offers the opportunity to get life focused training and advice at our Life Centres in Richmond upon Thames and Twickenham.

Our Lifestyle Design curricula focus on helping you find life and our commitment doesn’t end when you complete your training – you’ll have lifelong access to our UK and International territory & placement services.

People that belief in Life are generally called Lifeists; with our Institute of Life affiliates being described as Lifestyle Design Trainers (knowers) and our Students Lifestyle Design Trainees (seekers). Lifestyle Designers evolve beyond belief systems, so they can “Live a Life Beyond Belief”. *Calyan, 2014)


Originator – Lifeism

The Institute is founded on the works of Ed Calyan – an Elemental, a natural philosopher & psychologist, who is the Institute’s route to source knowledge and the author of – How to have a Happy Life – The Human Manual.

A publication that has been widely recognised as the  source of life wisdom.  (As opposed to man-made explanations of life).



Members – Delivering Training

Lifestyle Design Trainer, or – Knower, is a person who knows something – from noun – Know, comprehend, understand imply being aware of meanings. To know is to be aware of something as a fact or truth: knowing the basic facts of the subject.

Enjoy Lifestyle Design Trainer status – MILA (Member of Institute of Life Accredited). Members promote Lifeism as the means of improving mental strength, emotional competence, situational awareness and rational intent; leading to increased success, satisfaction and well-being.

Lifestyle Design Trainers have the following upon accreditation.

  • Allocated territories
  • Certification
  • Professional Standards
  • Ethical conduct
  • Fair presentation
  • Due qualified care
  • Independence
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Vocational literature
  • On-going Personal Development


Lifestyle Design Trainers work to help people and business understand their purpose in life and become Life Competent, by delivering our Lifestyle Training called “Oneness”.


Students – Attending Training

Lifestyle Design Trainees – Seeker, noun – A person who is attempting to find or obtain something.

Trainees receive the benefit of our fully qualified Trainers who share their knowledge on our courses, so that they can learn how to evolve/modify/create there own success, satisfaction and well-being.

Human flourishing

Means going beyond just attaining goals, it is to realise your true nature; provides competence, through objective reality.

The Lifestyle Design using Lifeism provides the knowledge of life as it is and therefore is the only way of life that is real. It does not have organised man-made academic or belief system that explains life, because life itself is the only primary source of the reality and the truth.

To know life, is to “be as one”, knowing yourself and everything else, it is the only way of life. A beautiful unity in the mind between thought, feelings and intention.

Lifestyle design is only really possible and hence useful when it is realistic and therefore base on life itself.