Welcome to the Institute of Life

The Institute considers that life is at the core of all knowledge; including of society or the individual. Knowing life, called Lifeism®, is the root of understanding and the essential awareness that underpins personal progress. The Institute seeks to lead training, debate, dissemination and promotion of Mindstate Design which uses Lifeism as its training mechanism.

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We promote an evidence-based approach to understanding Mindstate Design and are devoted to championing the crucial role of Lifeism in ensuring the well-being of humanity now and into the future.

We seek to identify an inspirational vision for the Mindstate Design profession as a whole and the appropriate direction to implement this.

Committed to excellence, the Institute exists to serve its members and the public and constantly seeks innovation and distinction in the services it provides.

As part of understanding life, we use Mind State Management (MSM) to increase mental capacity, so you can have an unlimited life – giving you the chance to evolve a better future.

Knowing the way of life – Lifeism – (Natural law), is to experience the natural route to well-being. Designing ones own life is an essential aptitude that enables satisfaction and happiness. Mindstate Design using Lifeism produces better outcomes, because it improves your ability to make your own decisions.

Mindstate Design stimulates Well-being – So the best way to change your life, is to find the best way to change your mind. The Institute has established through extensive research, that the most powerful Lifestyle changes are produced by Lifeism.



“I would like to suggest that a solution to many of the challenges we face may be to move beyond our conventional identifications with self, culture, nation, and even humanity, to an identification with life – Lifeism”.

                                  Anthony J. Marsella                                     Professor Emeritus

Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, and a past president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR).

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Its thought that counts

Mission Statement

We prepare people for Life, at any time during life.

Providing the highest level knowledge of sense, meaning and purpose in life.


Because how you think is how you live, how you live is how you prosper, how you prosper shapes how you think.


Having an appropriate Mindstate is critical to having a successful and purposeful life.

“Satisfaction and living an extra-ordinary life are not achieved through psychology, endlessly delving over what went wrong in your childhood. It is also not achieved through Life Coaching, setting short term personal goals to meet your day to day concerns. Or simply thinking positively, convincing yourself that in some way by building confidence through self-motivation, it will solve everything. 

True enlightenment, success and contentment, only comes from a real understanding of life itself and therefore what it means to be human and how you can realise your true potential within this”.

          Ed Calyan, 2017                       Founder of the             Institute of Life


 We believe in Life


Perception, Judgement & Wisdom

If you choose life, then you should learn how to live.

The Institute of Life is the affiliate body which administers and verifies Mindstate Design Training (MDT) using Lifeism® and our courses enable people to climb their life needs & wants hierarchy to productivity, success and happiness.

In the very earliest days of the Institute it became very clear that a few life coaching goals are useful, but actually, people want so much more. They really need life philosophy, where they could experience proper personal development through a real connection to life itself – to truly achieve self-realisation. To design lifestyles, which suit them.

Mindstate Design is about managing circumstances & situations. If you have the capacity to do this, you can reduce the degree to which external conditions are responsible for how you feel.

Mindstate Design is so much better with Lifeism, because it explores a deeper understanding of rationality, as the means to discover the true nature of being. People actually needed a manual, a route-map to find happiness. Lifeism – The Human Manual is that route-map and the coursework book, (rights owned by the Institute), which is the principal learning material used within our Mindstate Design Training.

Happy Life Cover

With the completion of this human manual within the Institute, there is now a definitive guide to the human condition, making it possible to understand this purpose, by first understanding the meaning in life itself.

The day to day decisions which we all make, are crucial to the conditions in which we live and therefore the way of life we experience. So changing thinking, changes lives, but only for the better.



The Institute is the home of this knowledge of life and encourages people to invest in themselves – so that they can design their own lifestyle and experience a better life – discovering the way to well-being.

So don’t accept anything less than Mindstate Design Training using Lifeism – the complete life knowledge you need to be happy and successful. Enrolling at the Institute of Life for your Mindstate Design Training, embraces the factual nature of life itself and consequential secret of how you can live well within it.


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